How Do You Remove a Sebaceous Cyst?


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A sebaceous cyst can be removed through cutting it and draining its contents or through excising it through surgery done in a doctor's office, according to the Mayo Clinic. It can also be vaporized by a laser.

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Sebaceous cysts can also be injected with a steroid, claims the National Institutes of Health. This may not remove the cyst but reduces the appearance of swelling and inflammation. The patient can also place a warm compress over the cyst, which might help it drain. However, unless they are excised, cysts are likely to return.

Sebaceous cysts are not malignant nor are they painful unless they become inflamed, states the NIH. They arise from the sebaceous glands that lubricate the hair follicles and the skin, claims the Mayo Clinic. Sometimes they are an after effect of a trauma to the skin. Though they can arise anywhere on the body, they're most often found on the trunk, the neck and the face. They can be unsightly, especially if they're found on the face. This is a reason patients have them removed. Sebaceous cysts are also removed if they grow in an area that is constantly chafed, if they burst or become infected or if they have become very large.

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