How Do I Remove Redness From a Pimple?

remove-redness-pimple Credit: Image Source/Image Source/Getty Images

Developing a pimple is a stressful and common occurrence for any person, male or female, young or old. These techniques remove redness from a pimple.

  1. Use ice on the inflamed area

    Acne is simply inflammation in a blocked pore. Use ice to minimize redness naturally before using any harsh topical treatments. Wrap an ice cube in a clean towel or a washcloth and hold it on the affected area for 30 minutes.

  2. Clean and moisturize your face

    Use a cleanser with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to exfoliate any dead skin cells from your face before you add makeup. Gently pat your face dry to avoid any further irritation of an already sensitive area. When using a moisturizer, choose an oil-free option with SPF. Your face is extra-sensitive to ultraviolet light when using products for acne relief.

  3. Gently remove any dead skin

    When using topical acne relief, it is highly likely that the surrounding area around the pimple houses rough, dead skin. If it is possible to do so without further damaging that layer of skin, peel the dead skin off using tweezers. This makes further makeup application smoother, and it makes a pimple less obvious.

  4. Layer on redness-cancelling concealer

    After applying your foundation of choice, apply a thin layer of green concealer on your pimple. The green color cancels out the redness of the blemish. Use a small amount at first and then apply more if needed. Use a small brush for added accuracy. Once the green concealer is applied, use a yellow-based concealer to completely cover the bump for complete redness removal and to blend into your natural skin tone.