How Do You Remove Old Corns on Toes?


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Remove old corns on toes with salicylic acid treatments, which include plasters, applicators, pads and drops, notes MedicineNet. Such corn treatments are used to break down dead skin that has thickened on the toes to form corns.

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Salicylic acid is an effective method of removing corns because it can break down the layer of dead skin that makes up the top of the corn. It can also break down keratin, which is a type of protein found in corns, according to MedicineNet. After treatment, the skin changes white in color and dissolves. Then, the corn can be peeled off or trimmed away. Such treatments are usually effective and safe for most people.

An individual who has poor circulation, diabetes or weak skin should avoid using salicylic acid for corns since the skin may not heal the same as it would with a healthy person, notes MedicineNet. Such an individual should ask a physician for recommendations for safely taking care of corns. Do not cut or shave off corns since doing so can potentially lead to an infection. Any cutting and shaving of corns should only be done by an experienced podiatrist or medical expert. If a corn gets infected, a doctor may recommend antibiotics.

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