How Do You Remove Lice and Their Eggs?


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To remove lice by hand, moisten and condition the hair, and run a fine-toothed comb through it three to four times per day for two weeks, recommends Kids Health. Medicated lice treatments can also be applied to kill the lice instantly, but the itching persists for a few days afterwards.

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Wetting the hair prior to removing lice is recommended, because the water temporarily immobilizes the lice, states Kids Health. A conditioner is not required, but it helps the comb move through the hair more easily. Once the lice are removed from the scalp, they die quickly.

Medicated treatments should never be used on children under the age of 2, warns Kids Health. Treatments range from shampoos to oral medications to creams, but they may not always be successful depending on how resistant the lice are. In this scenario, the lice need to be removed with a comb and the treatment repeated periodically to kill any eggs or newly hatched parasites.

To avoid lice, children should avoid head-to-head contact with other children, whether at home or in school, according to Kids Health. They should never share hats, brushes, hair ties or other personal care items with other children. If someone has had lice recently, the bedding, pillows and carpets must all be cleaned thoroughly before they are used again.

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