How Do You Remove Impacted Ear Wax?

To remove impacted earwax, soften the wax with a solution, rinse the canal with warm water after several days, and dry the ear canal, as instructed by Mayo Clinic. Never attempt to dig out excess earwax, which can push the wax further into the canal and damage the ear.

Place several drops of mineral oil, hydrogen peroxide, glycerin or baby oil into the ear canal using an eyedropper, explains Mayo Clinic. When the wax has softened after one or two days, tilt the head and pull the outer ear outward to straighten the ear canal before irrigating the ear with warm water from a rubber-bulb syringe. Use a towel or hand-held dryer to dry the outer ear. Repeat this process several times if needed or until the softened wax dislodges. If symptoms still do not improve, seek medical assistance.

Only attempt to remove an earwax blockage without the help of a medical professional if there is no perforation or tube in the eardrum, warns WebMD. Avoid using the ear candling technique, which uses a lighted wax and cloth cone to create a vacuum in the ear to pull out wax. Studies show that the technique does not actually form a vacuum, and improper performance of this procedure can cause serious damage.