How Do You Remove Hardened Ear Wax?

If you have an intact eardrum, you can remove hardened ear wax by placing several drops of mineral oil, glycerin, hydrogen peroxide or baby oil into the ear, according to Mayo Clinic. After a few days, the drops should soften the ear wax. Next, gently fill the ear canal with warm water using a rubber bulb syringe, and then tilt your head to allow the water to flow out. Continue irrigating the ear canal until it is free of wax.

It may take several sessions spread out over several days to remove severe ear wax blockages, notes Mayo Clinic. After irrigating the ear several times, if there is still wax in the ear canal, dry the ear and add more of your preferred ear drops into the ear canal. Wait a few days, and try irrigating the ear again. Remember to use warm water while irrigating to prevent dizziness, suggests the American Academy of Otolaryngology. Also, always dry the ear with a towel or hair dryer after irrigating it, and avoid home treatments if you have diabetes or a weak immune system.

You should visit a doctor if the blockage does not clear within several days, according to Mayo Clinic. A doctor can use a curet and suction to remove hardened bits of wax from the ear canal. Never attempt to remove ear wax yourself using these tools. Used incorrectly, hard objects can push ear wax further into the ear or damage the ear drum and ear canal.