How Do You Remove Hairspray From Your Eyeglasses?

remove-hairspray-eyeglasses Credit: Mats Silvan/Moment Open/Getty Images

Remove hairspray from your eyeglasses by washing them with warm, soapy water. Hairspray can harm the lens' coating so it is important to remove it quickly.

  1. Wash your glasses

    Wipe the front and back of your glasses with a sponge full of warm, soapy water. Use a soap that does not contain anti-bacterial products. Handle your glasses gently to avoid bending them or adding scratches.

  2. Rinse well

    Rinse your glasses with warm water. If needed, repeat the washing and rinsing process.

  3. Wipe dry

    Use a soft, clean cloth to thoroughly dry your glasses. Be sure not to use paper towels or facial towels to dry your glasses, as these can scratch the lenses.