How Do You Remove Flat Warts From Your Face?

Flat warts can be removed at home using over-the-counter wart treatments, freezing treatments, salicylic acid patches or duct tape, according to Healthline. Medical treatments, such as freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen or having the wart surgically removed, are also options. Warts can also disappear on their own without treatment.

Freezing treatments kill and dry out the skin of the wart, making it easy for individuals to scrape or peel the wart away. Salicylic acid patches are applied directly on top of the wart and must be used daily for a few weeks for best results. Covering the wart with duct tape, uncovering it, soaking the wart, and then rubbing away the dead skin is another treatment option that works for some people, according to Healthline. Liquid nitrogen treatments must be done by a health professional and involves freezing the wart until a blister forms beneath and around it, which causes the wart to lift away on its own within a week. Doctors can also cut or scrape the wart away with a surgical knife or perform laser surgery, which destroys the wart tissue, explains WebMD.

Flat warts develop due to direct contact with the HPV virus, and they can easily spread to different areas of the body, according to WebMD. Treating the actual HPV virus with medications such as Aldara, which is a prescription-based immunotherapy cream, is also an option that may yield positive results. Scarring is a common side effect of wart removal regardless of the treatment option chosen, notes Healthline.