How Do You Remove Eye Floaters?


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In the rare event that eye floaters affect vision, the doctor may operate to remove them, Mayo Clinic says. The vast majority of eye floaters do not require treatment. Most people find over time that they can ignore the spots in their vision or don't notice them as much.

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Eye floaters are clumps of microscopic fibers inside the eye that cast a shadow on the retina, Mayo Clinic explains. They may appear as black or gray spots, cobwebs or strings that seem to move away when the patient tries to look directly at them. Age is the primary reason most people experience the condition, but they also may be caused by trauma, nearsightedness, cataract surgery complications, inflammation and diabetic retinopathy.

A couple of surgical techniques are used to remove floaters but very rarely, Mayo Clinic reports. One technique involves pointing a laser at the floater to break it up. The results of this treatment improving vision are mixed, as of 2015, and the surgery can harm the retina. It is rarely used.

Another surgery removes all the vitreous in the eyeball, replacing it with fluid that helps the eye keep its shape, Mayo Clinic states. This surgical technique may not remove all the floaters, and sometimes new floaters appear afterward. The risks include retina tears and bleeding.

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