How Do You Remove Enlarged Ticks?


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A tick can be safely removed by grasping it with tweezers and pulling it away from the skin with steady, even pressure, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Tick bite victims should clean the bite area and their hands with rubbing alcohol after removing the tick.

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In order to prevent the mouth parts from breaking off and remaining in the skin, tick bite victims should avoid twisting or jerking the tick during the removal process, states the CDC. If the mouth parts do break off, they can be removed carefully with tweezers. A live tick can be disposed of safely by flushing it down the toilet, submerging it in rubbing alcohol or sealing it in a plastic bag to be placed in the trash. Painting the tick with nail polish or heating it in any way to detach it from the skin is not recommended.

Ticks can carry a number of diseases including babeosis, Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia, according to the CDC. People who experience a fever or rash after being bit by a tick should seek medical treatment. Those who have spent time outdoors in areas where ticks are common are advised to shower within two hours of coming inside, as this may wash away unattached ticks and reduce the risk of Lyme disease. Important areas of the body to check for ticks include under the arms, around the ears, between the legs and inside the belly button.

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