How Do You Remove a Deer Tick From the Skin?

To remove a tick from the skin, gently pulling it straight out by its head, according to WebMD. Use fine-tipped tweezers if possible; if it's necessary to use the hands, wear gloves or cover them with tissue paper. Clean the area promptly ,and save the tick in a jar or zip-close bag in case a doctor needs to identify it.

Never attempt to remove a tick by pulling on its body, WebMD warns. Pulling the tick by its engorged belly can transfer infected fluid from its body into the skin. Twisting the tick, instead of pulling straight out, can separate the head from the body, leaving the tick head still attached.

Removing tiny ticks can be difficult, WebMD states. Look closely at the skin after removal to make sure the head wasn't left behind. Any tick you cannot remove should be examined by a doctor.

After removing the tick, wash the area with a gentle soap, WebMD advises. Apply antibiotic ointment, and cover with a bandage.

If flu symptoms, joint pain, a rash or fever develops, visit a doctor, WebMD says. These symptoms can indicate an illnesses contracted by the flea bite.

Most tick bites are harmless, WebMD points out. However, tick bites can cause Lyme disease and skin infections.