How Do You Remove Corns From Toes?


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To heal minor corns, remove the source of friction, such as ill-fitting footwear, and apply a moleskin pad to relieve pressure until the corn disappears. If a corn is infected, doctors can drain out any fluid and prescribe oral antibiotics, states WebMD.

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How Do You Remove Corns From Toes?
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Corns are thick, flaky patches of skin that form at pressure sites, which may feel tender or sore, according to MedicineNet. Salicylic acid is a common removal optional because it chemically dissolves proteins that form the thickened layers of skin. Salicylic acid is widely available in pad, drop, applicator and plaster formats, but it isn’t recommended for people with frail skin, diabetes or circulation problems. Individuals should consult a doctor before using salicylic acid to make sure they aren’t at risk of developing ulcers.

Podiatrists use simple surgical tools, such as a scalpel, to carefully pare away a corn layer by layer, MedicineNet notes. Doctors advise against using any shaving methods at home to avoid infection. People with recurrent or long-lasting corns from chronic foot problems may need orthotics to improve the position of the feet and redistribute weight, eliminating excess pressure on the toes. In rare cases, doctors perform surgery to correct underlying foot deformities, or strategically shave bones in the feet to prevent corns from reforming in the same areas.

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