How Do You Remove Corns Naturally?


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Using apple-cider vinegar, castor oil, vitamin E or A, lemon and onion removes corn naturally, according to Reader’s Digest. Results may show by the next night or take a few weeks to appear.

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An individual can soak his feet in a basin filled with hot, soapy water mixed with 1 cup of apple-cider vinegar, advises Reader’s Digest, for at least 15 minutes before applying castor oil to the corns. Corns typically flake off after 10 days of treatment.

Castor oil alone also remedies corns, states Reader’s Digest. Placing a non-medicated corn pad around the corn, then swabbing drops of castor onto the corn with a cotton swab completes the treatment. One can also puncture a vitamin E or A capsule, and rub the oil into the corn for a few minutes, covering the feet with white socks to bed during this treatment.

Another treatment includes securing a 1-inch-long slice of lemon peel over the corn with a bandage and covering the foot with a white cotton sock before bed, recommends Reader’s Digest. Placing a slice of white onion in a glass container, pouring white vinegar over it, then sitting the mixture in a warm environment throughout the day creates another topical treatment. Securing the onion over the corn with a bandage nightly until the corn is soft enough to remove completes the treatment.

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