How Do You Remove Calluses?


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Doctors remove painful or long-lasting calluses by using a scalpel to shave away the thickened layers of excess skin, Mayo Clinic states. Another option involves treating the callus with a medical patch or gel containing salicylic acid. Physicians perform surgeries in rare cases when symptoms are triggered by skeletal misalignment.

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How Do You Remove Calluses?
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When prescribing callus-removing medications, doctors often advise patients to replace the patch periodically and trim away sections of dead skin between dressings using a nail file or pumice stone, according to Mayo Clinic. However, most calluses are harmless and can clear up naturally when the patient changes his footwear and wears protective padding to reduce friction. Individuals with existing foot complications may be prescribed custom shoe inserts, known as orthotics, to improve alignment.

Calluses are patches of thick, roughened skin that usually appear raised or rounded, the American Podiatric Medical Association states. They form when the skin is repeatedly exposed to pressure and friction, triggering a protective reaction intended to shield the area from further irritation. Calluses are similar to corns, but they develop on the soles of the feet instead of the tops. Wearing ill-fitting or constrictive shoes, especially high heels, is one of the most common causes of calluses, but the condition may also appear as a symptom of another foot deformity, such as a hammer toe.

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