How Do You Remove a Callus From a Big Toe?


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To remove a callus from a big toe, soak the callus in very warm water for at least five minutes, and then use a pumice stone to gently sand the hardened skin, advises The New York Times. Pads, plasters and medications containing salicylic acid are also available over the counter to remove calluses, but these remedies can cause irritation, burns and serious infections, so use them with caution.

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A callus is a thick layer of dead skin cells that commonly forms on the heel or ball of the foot in response to excessive friction against the bottom of the foot, according to The New York Times. A pumice stone is the safest way to remove a callus; however, it may take more than one treatment to disappear fully. Over-the-counter solutions with salicylic acid can also be effective, but anyone who has diabetes or circulation or neurological problems causing reduced feeling in the feet shouldn't use them.

Those who wear ill-fitting shoes, have flat feet or walk frequently on hard surfaces are all at risk for developing calluses, as stated by the New York Times. If a callus develops, wearing well-padded shoes and thick socks can help relieve pressure against the skin. Regularly applying petroleum jelly or lanolin hand cream can soften the callus and make it easier to remove.

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