How Do You Remove Cactus Needles From Skin?

Use tweezers to remove cactus needles from areas of your body that you can easily reach, such as the palm of your hand or the bottom of your foot. If you can't reach the cactus needles, or to remove a lot at once, using regular glue can do the trick. Allow a layer of the glue to dry over the affected area, then peel gently to remove both the glue and the needles.

  1. Locate a bottle of glue

    Any type of glue, such as Elmer's, works when trying to remove cactus needles from your skin.

  2. Apply the glue

    Spread a fine layer of glue on top of the cactus needles. If you can't reach the area on your own, ask someone to help.

  3. Let the glue dry

    Allow the glue to fully dry, and then peel it off. If you slowly peel off the glue, it should come off in one section. You can also remove the glue in smaller sections if that is easier for you to do.

  4. Re-apply as necessary

    You may need to repeat these steps several times in order to remove all of the cactus needles.

  5. Clean the skin

    Once you've removed all of the cactus needles, wash the area with soap and water to make sure you've gotten off all of the glue residue.