How Do You Remove Burn Scars?


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Plastic surgery is an option for removing burn scars, especially severe burns that limit a person’s mobility, look cosmetically unappealing or cause loss of sensation, according to WebMD. A severe wound requires debriding prior to reconstructive surgery.

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How Do You Remove Burn Scars?
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WebMD explains that debriding involves removing dead tissue. After this procedure, there are several kinds of wound treatments for getting rid of burn scars. Tissue expansion results in a skin color and texture that almost perfectly matches the area in which it is needed. It also causes little scarring as it does not move skin from one area to another. Instead, it is a lengthy procedure that requires up to four months to complete. It allows the body to grow extra skin to use in reconstructive procedures. It makes use of an instrument called a "balloon expander," which is inserted under the skin near the burn. The balloon gradually fills with saline solution, causing the skin to stretch and grow. The new skin is used to correct or reconstruct the damaged skin.

Writing for HowStuffWorks, John Barrymore suggests wearing a pressure garment, which restores the balance of the layers of the skin as they grow back, to reduce scarring. Barrymore also recommends the use of topical treatments, such as calendula, propolis and aloe, that soothe the burn and make the skin smoother.

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