When Is the Removal of an Epiretinal Membrane Required?


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Removal of an epiretinal membrane may or may not be required depending on how severely it impacts one's vision, according to Moorfields Eye Hospital. Although the decision to proceed with treatment is an individual choice, generally it is done when vision is compromised to the extent that lifestyle is affected.

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The process of removing an epiretinal membrane is called a vitrectomy, wherein the membrane is peeled away from the retina, explains Moorfields Eye Hospital. A successful operation can correct the distortion of one's central vision. An eye doctor should be consulted to guide patients on whether or not to have the surgery. Those who do not express any visual concerns are generally dissuaded from having surgery due to potential complications. When the membrane distorts the vision to the extent that daily activities such as working and driving are compromised, surgery is generally recommended.

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