What Is the Remedy for Water in Your Ear?


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Water in the ear, sometimes called swimmer's ear, can often be treated with home remedies such as rinsing, specialty eardrops and heat, according to WebMD. Those with possible ruptured eardrums and those experiencing severe pain should see a doctor.

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What Is the Remedy for Water in Your Ear?
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WebMD recommends using a bulb syringe to rinse out the ear canal with either a saline solution or a half warm water and half white vinegar solution. Excessively hot or cool fluids in the ear can cause dizziness, so any solution used should be around the same temperature of the body. Non-prescription swimmer's ear eardrops can alleviate mild symptoms such as itching or minor irritation. A warm washcloth or low-set heating pad can help melt away earwax that may be holding in water, but the latter is not recommended for children.

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