What Is the Best Remedy for Seasickness?


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A number options exist for treating motion sickness, and some of the best include Bonine and Dramamine medications and scopolamine patches, explains About.com. Other remedies for motion sickness that people try include ginger and special wrist bands.

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What Is the Best Remedy for Seasickness?
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Bonine and Dramamine are some of the most common motion sickness remedies on the market, and both are available over the counter, claims About.com. Both of these medications may make the user drowsy, but both come in non-drowsy formulas. Scopolamine is a prescription medication for motion sickness that is available in both pill and patch forms.

Ginger is another common remedy for seasickness, according to About.com. Ginger ale is a common choice for those with motion sickness, but it is important to ensure the ale contains real ginger. Ginger is also available in pill form, and the side effects are often less than other drugs; however, ginger may cause an aftertaste or heartburn. Wristbands are a common remedy for those who have motion sickness, and they employ a type of acupressure. Placed about an inch and a half above the wrist, they apply pressure to a certain pressure point.

If these remedies do not help to ease the effects of motion sickness, it is best to reach out to a doctor, states About.com. He may provide an injection that can stop the symptoms immediately.

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