What Is the Best Remedy for a Dry, Flaky Eyelid?


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Remedies for dry, flaky eyelids depend on the cause, states EyeHealthWeb.com. If the cause is allergies, reducing exposure to the allergen can help. If the cause is a disorder such as dermatitis or blepharitis, treating the underlying condition typically relieves the problem.

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Cosmetics, shampoo, food, cleansers and eyelash curlers are some of the possible allergens that can irritate the eyelid, explains EyeHealthWeb.com. Dry, flaky eyelids may also result from eczema or psoriasis. Washing hands and not touching the eye area may help prevent the symptoms from getting worse. Special creams and gels made for eyelids can also provide relief, but dermatologists advise against using regular moisturizers.

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