What Is a Remedy for Dry Eyes in the Morning?


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A remedy for dry eyes in the morning includes placing a humidifier next to the bed while sleeping to put more moisture in the air, suggests WebMD. People should avoid turning on or increasing the speed of oscillating or ceiling fans while sleeping because these devices decrease the air's humidity.

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Additional remedies to treat dry eyes in the morning include placing a warm compress on the affected eye in the morning or gently scrubbing eyelids with baby shampoo, according to WebMD. Heat helps oil in the glands to flow easily. Over-the-counter lubricating eye drops and artificial tears or gels help lubricate the eye's surface and increase the eye's exposure to moisture. Thick lubricating eye ointments can be used to lubricate eyes overnight. These types of ointments may blur the vision temporarily.

People who experience dry eyes when watching television, looking at a computer screen or while reading should take frequent breaks to rest the eyes, suggests WebMD.

Some patients may need to treat an underlying cause of dry eyes, which includes diseases such as collagen vascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjogren's syndrome, according to Mayo Clinic. A medical professional should be consulted if the eyelids do not close properly due to a structural problem. Certain medications can also dry out eyes in the morning, such as birth control pills or antihistamines.

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