What Is a Remedy for an Allergy Cough?


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One effective remedy for an allergic cough is to remove the allergen, according to WebMD. When this is not possible, wearing a mask when near the cause of the allergic reaction may help. The purpose of the cough is to remove the irritant from the lungs and air passages.

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What Is a Remedy for an Allergy Cough?
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Those with a cough triggered by seasonal allergies benefit generally from staying indoors when plants that produce the pollen they are allergic to are blooming. While inside, the allergy sufferer should keep the windows closed and avoid the use of fans that draw pollen-containing air from the outside. If he must go outside, he should shower and change clothes immediately after coming back into the house, according to MedlinePlus.

An allergic reaction occurs when the body reacts to a foreign substance. The body makes antibodies against the foreign substance that cause the allergic reactions. Some reactions are minor while others are life-threatening, according to Mayo Clinic. If staying inside does not reduce the coughing, medication can be used to reduce the body’s reaction and coughing. Doctors also use immunotherapy to treat allergies. With some pollen allergies, the doctor prescribes a pill that the patient dissolves under his tongue following the prescription schedule to improve his tolerance to the allergen and reduce his coughing.

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