What Is the Best Remedy for Acid Reflux?


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The best remedy for acid reflux is a diet that doesn't contribute additional acidity to the digestive tract. Foods that include enough soluble fiber to soak up a great deal of acid in the stomach and intestines, such as oatmeal, fit the bill, according to Health.com.

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Ginger is another food that helps fight acid reflux. It has a long history of being used for disorders in the stomach and intestines, and it's easy to shave, peel or slice and add it to smoothies and other recipes. The greens that make up salad are a powerful weapon against acid reflux. It's important to leave onions, tomatoes and other high-acid ingredients out of salads. Cheeses and dressings that are high in fat can also cause problems, notes Health.com. However, the fiber in greens and other nonacidic vegetables absorbs acids and takes them through the digestive tract.

Bananas are a terrific snack with a wide variety of nutrients. Their pH sits at 5.6, which makes them a great idea for acid reflux sufferers. Roughly one in 100 people suffer from complications with acid reflux after eating bananas, so if they cause a problem, it is time to move to another food, states Health.com.

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