What Are the Remedies for Vertigo?


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Remedies for vertigo include Cawthorne head exercises, the Epley maneuver, or canalith repositioning procedure, and medications, according to MedicineNet.com. Experienced physical therapists or health care professionals should perform these procedures, as the vertigo sometimes worsen before it improves. Home remedies include the Semont maneuver and Foster maneuver, notes WebMD.

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When small calcium crystals, called canaliths, in the inner ear become loose, benign paroxysmal positional vertigo occurs; it is the most common type of vertigo and the easiest to treat, states WebMD. The head movements of the Epley maneuver help reposition the loose crystals, reducing irritation and resolving the symptoms. The Semont maneuver is similar to the Epley maneuver but less popular, while the Foster maneuver is easier to do.

Medications such as Meclizine sometimes provide temporary relief from vertigo, notes MedicineNet. Cawthorne head exercises require a patient to move the head and eyes, which helps reduce inner ear nerve sensitivity and provides longer-term relief.

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