What Are Some Remedies That Treat High Blood Sugar Levels?


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Remedies for high blood sugar include drinking more water, exercising more and changing eating habits, explains WebMD. Another remedy for high blood sugar is to change medications to those that do not promote the rise of blood sugar.

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Drinking more water helps the body eliminate excess sugar through the urine, and it helps hydrate the body, according to WebMD. Working out is also important when trying to control high blood sugar levels, but in some conditions, exercise may cause blood sugar levels to rise. If a person has Type 1 diabetes, doctors advise checking the urine for ketones. Since this is the case, patients must talk to a doctor to find out what exercise is best.

In most cases, if a person follows a doctor's instructions for keeping blood sugar under control, the blood sugar levels lower naturally, claims WebMD. This includes following a meal plan, taking medication correctly and exercising. It is also important for those with high blood sugar to count the carbohydrates in all meals and snacks, to test blood sugar throughout the day and to report recurring abnormal readings to a doctor. Doctors also recommend that those with chronic high blood sugar wear a medical identification device to inform others in the case of an emergency.

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