What Are Some Remedies for Throwing Up?


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Remedies for throwing up include gradually drinking clear liquids and avoiding solid foods during the duration of the vomiting episode, states WebMD. Women experiencing nausea due to morning sickness may eat a few crackers after waking up and a high-protein snack prior to going to sleep. Doctors may prescribe medications that control nausea to those with conditions such as pregnancy, cancer or motion sickness.

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Throwing up is usually harmless and passes in a few hours or days, according to WebMD. Dehydration is a concern, especially in children, and it is important for those experiencing a vomiting episode longer than a day to drink an oral rehydrating solution, such as Pedialyte. Signs of dehydration in children include dry lips and mouth, sunken eyes, rapid breathing and decreased urination.

Resting in a propped lying position and drinking small servings of soda or fruit juice prevent vomiting, advises WebMD. Children prone to nausea should avoid playing and eating at the same time. They should also avoid playing video games or reading in the car.

Causes for throwing up include motion sickness, pregnancy, food poisoning, concussion and emotional stress, states WebMD. Nausea can also be a symptom of a disease such as cancer, meningitis or gallbladder disease. A person should call a doctor if the vomiting lasts longer than a few days, if an injury occurred prior to the nausea, if there are signs of dehydration or if pregnancy is a possibility.

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