What Are Some Remedies for Sore Mouth?


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Remedies for sore mouth may include cutting down on tobacco and alcohol; eating certain foods; taking pain relievers, such as acetaminophen; a steroid gel prescription; or swishing the mouth with saline water, according to Healthline. For mouth cancer, chemotherapy or surgery may be necessary, but only after a biopsy is done.

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Mouth sores often disappear naturally within 10 to 14 days, or in other cases take up to six weeks to go away, states Healthline. Medications usually cure sores that occur due to fungus, bacteria or a virus. The patient may mix hydrogen peroxide and water in a ratio of one to one, and dab the solution onto the sore. A thin application of a paste made of water and baking powder can also relieve the symptoms.

Spicy, hot or salty foods may worsen mouth sores, so the patient should avoid eating these foods, according to Healthline. The person should also avoid foods that contain citrus and foods that are rich in sugar. The patient can suck on ice pops and eat sherbet or ice to reduce the pain. The patient should never pick nor compress the sores.

To prevent mouth sores from occurring, an individual should avoid stress causing factors, eat a balanced diet, clean the mouth regularly with a soft toothbrush, drink enough water and protect lips from the sun, advises Healthline. Chewing food slowly, taking B vitamins and avoiding tobacco may also prevent a person from contracting mouth sores.

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