What Are Some Remedies for Severe Leg Cramps?


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Remedies for severe leg cramps include stretching, massage, warm or cold compresses, and soaking the leg in warm water, suggests Everyday Health. In some cases, medications such as gabapentin can help to alleviate intense pain.

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What Are Some Remedies for Severe Leg Cramps?
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Remedying severe pain from leg cramps first requires the person to determine why the cramps are occurring in the first place, says Everyday Health. For instance, severe leg cramps due to low potassium or other nutrient levels has a relatively simple remedy: eat foods with high potassium. Similarly, leg cramps due to dehydration requires the person to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. If a condition such as diabetes or Parkinson's disease is causing the pain, then the disease needs to be treated in order to remedy the cramps. For severe pain, the patient can be put on a medication regimen.

One of the best treatments is prevention, according to WebMD. A person should eat healthy, drink plenty of water, and get regular exercise. She shouldn't over-exercise, but gradually increase time and speed over a long period of time to prevent cramping. It's also important that she stretch regularly, both before and after exercise and before bedtime. During periods of severe cramping, pain can be alleviated by walking around and jiggling the area.

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