What Are Some Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome?


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Remedies and treatments for restless legs syndrome vary depending on the severity of the symptoms, and they include medications and lifestyle changes, according to Healthline. Exercise. Limiting caffeine intake, smoking cessation, warm baths and leg massages are types of home remedies that are often first-line treatments, notes Mayo Clinic.

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What Are Some Remedies for Restless Legs Syndrome?
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Stretching and walking every day help relieve the symptoms of restless legs syndrome, Healthline explains. Yoga and tai chi also are also good exercise remedies.

Proper sleep hygiene is important in combating the symptoms of restless legs syndrome, and establishing good sleeping habits often helps treat the condition, according to Healthline. Keeping the same sleep schedule on a daily basis, taking a relaxing, warm bath before bed, and keeping the bedroom free from distraction are good ways to help promote better sleep.

If home remedies aren't enough to ease the symptoms of restless legs syndrome, doctors often prescribe medications, such as Requip, Mirapex and gabapentin. Doctors usually only prescribe opioids, such as hydrocodone, on a temporary basis, explains MedicineNet.

Doctors often perform testing to determine if restless legs syndrome is a symptom of an underlying disorder, such as iron-deficiency anemia, explains MedicineNet. Varicose veins are a potential cause of the disorder, and those with sleep disturbances may develop symptoms of restless legs syndrome.

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