What Are Some Remedies for Low Blood Pressure?

Low blood pressure is remedied by change of diet, lifestyle changes and medication, states WebMD. Suitable treatments for low blood pressure are determined by the specific cause of low blood pressure in each individual.

Ways to increase bool pressure include eating a diet that is higher in salt, drinking a large amount of nonalcoholic fluids and limiting alcoholic beverages, according to WebMD. Those with low blood pressure should drink plenty of fluids during hot weather or when sick with a cold or flu. Long, hot showers and spas are not good for those with low blood pressure, and may be necessary to keep a stool or chair in the bathtub or shower to prevent injuries if dizziness should occur.

A doctor may determine that a prescription or over-the-counter medication is causing low blood pressure, explains WebMD. Regular exercise also helps increase blood pressure by promoting circulation. Pumping the feet and ankles before standing improves circulation, as does rising slowly from the bed or a chair.

Decreasing carbohydrates and eating smaller, more frequent meals prevents low blood pressure problems, and compression stockings over the thigh and calf treat low blood pressure by retaining blood in the upper body. Medications such as fludrocortisone and midodrine are used when lifestyle and diet changes do not effectively treat low blood pressure, notes WebMD.