What Are Some Remedies for Loose Teeth?


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Online dental plan provider :DentalPlans recommends treating loose teeth with deep cleaning, splinting, bite guards, bite adjustment, and even periodontal surgery. A loose permanent tooth is an emergency that should be seen by a dentist as soon as possible.

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A loose tooth is the result of occlusal trauma, or "bite injury," which occurs when teeth are subjected to forces such as external impacts and teeth clenching and grinding that exceed normal parameters, according to DearDoctor.com. Gum disease contributes to the trauma by weakening the bone structures that hold the teeth in place.

To treat loose teeth, a dentist must first address the bacterial plaque-induced gum and bone disease that may have caused the problem. To do this, the dentist thoroughly cleans all exposed tooth surfaces to provide a healthier environment for the teeth to heal, DearDoctor.com explains. This treatment is followed by splinting, or anchoring, a loose tooth to a healthy neighboring tooth by means of a thin piece of metal attached to the backs or tops of both teeth. This treatment reduces the force that each individual tooth endures by distributing it evenly among the joined teeth. The patient may be given a bite guard to protect the tooth against habits such as grinding.

If gum disease is extensive or splinting fails, periodontal surgery may be required to reposition the teeth and allow for the regeneration of lost bone, :DentalPlans reports.

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