What Are Some Remedies for Loose Stools?


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Remedies for loose stool include hydration and a bland diet, according to Everyday Health. Over-the-counter medications such as bismuth subsalicylate, or Pepto Bismol, and loperamide, sold as Imodium, also help remedy loose stool.

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Hydration replaces the fluid that the body loses during diarrhea and can involve ingesting sports drinks and clear liquids, including water and clear broth, notes Everyday Health. However, a patient with loose stool should avoid drinks that contain alcohol, caffeine and sugar, as they exacerbate the symptoms of diarrhea. A bland diet eaten to remedy diarrhea could include rice, banana, toast and applesauce. The patient can also improve his condition by avoiding a particular food that causes his loose stool.

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