What Are Remedies for the Leg Pain Associated With Varicose Veins?


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Remedies that may decrease leg pain associated with varicose veins include compression stockings, various self-care methods and horse chestnut seed, according to the Mayo Clinic. If the condition does not improve or is severe, a doctor may recommend more intensive treatment.

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Compression stockings can be worn all day to help leg muscles and veins transport blood more efficiently, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Self-care methods for varicose veins include frequently changing the body’s position, exercising, elevating the legs above the heart, not crossing the legs and avoiding high heels, according to the Mayo Clinic. An individual with varicose veins should avoid wearing tight clothes around the legs, groin or waist. Additional methods include losing excess weight and following a low-salt diet.

Horse chestnut seed may help treat varicose vein symptoms, but the Mayo Clinic cautions that a doctor should be consulted before using this supplement.

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