What Are Some Remedies for Knee Joint Pain?


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Medications, therapy and surgery are knee joint pain treatments, according to Mayo Clinic. Self-care methods for minor knee joint pain include rest, ice, compression and elevation, or the RICE method. Glucosamine and acupuncture are alternative measures sometimes used for knee joint pain treatment.

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What Are Some Remedies for Knee Joint Pain?
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Prescription medicines are used to treat underlying conditions that cause knee joint pain, explains Mayo Clinic. Corticosteroids are sometimes injected in the knee joint for pain relief that lasts several months. Physical therapy uses exercises that focus on the quadriceps and hamstrings to strengthen the muscles around the knee. Exercises that improve balance and arch support devices also reduce knee pain by stabilizing knee pressure.

Arthroscopic surgery, partial knee replacement surgery and total knee replacement are three surgeries used to treat knee joint pain, states Mayo Clinic. With arthroscopic surgery, a doctor can examine the knee, remove or repair damaged cartilage, remove loose bodies from the knee joint and reconstruct torn ligaments with narrow tools and a fiber-optic camera. Partial knee replacement is a low-impact surgery that replaces only the most damaged parts of the knee with metal and plastic, and total knee replacement replaces damaged cartilage and bone from the kneecap, thighbone and shinbone with an artificial joint made of polymers, metal alloys and plastics.

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