What Are Some Remedies for Knee Inflammation?


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According to WebMD, it's possible to use rest, ice and compression to treat knee inflammation. In addition, elevation above the level of the heart reduces swelling.

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According to MedicineNet.com, knee inflammation occurs when the fluid-filled sacs surrounding the knee are subjected to overuse and injury. This occurs as a result of athletic competition or a chronic condition such as arthritis. WebMD states that rest, ice, compression and elevation, also known as RICE, are useful home remedies for treating knee inflammation. After the injury, resting the knee while using a pillow for support can aid recovery. Follow this by adding ice packs three times a day for 20 or 30 minutes. WebMD also states that lightly compressing the area using a bandage decreases the swelling, but it does not stabilize the knee injury. While applying ice or sitting down, elevating the knee above the heart using a pillow encourages the reduction of inflammation.

WebMD also suggests reducing stress on the knee by using crutches for support and gently massaging it. In addition, not smoking increases blood flow to the area, which in turn enhances healing. Finally, both WebMD and MedicineNet.com recommend avoiding high-impact exercises that can exacerbate the injury, such as running.

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