What Are the Remedies for Itchy Skin During Menopause?


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According to WebMD, remedies for itchy skin during menopause include increasing good fats in the diet, protecting skin from the sun, avoiding hot showers, using gentler soaps and moisturizing regularly. Menopause can cause excessively dry skin due to the decrease in estrogen production.

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According to WebMD, when menopause begins, usually between the ages of 40 and 58, the body no longer releases eggs, menstrual periods stop and estrogen production decreases. Estrogen is a hormone that helps to keep bones strong, among other things, but it also helps to stimulate the production of collagen and oils in the skin. Therefore, according to Elizabeth Tanzi, MD, when menopause hits and estrogen levels decrease, skin can become dry from lack of collagen and oils in the skin.

In addition to the decrease in skin oils, menopause and the reduction of estrogen production can also inhibit the skin's ability to retain moisture. Although the effects of this process are permanent and can be seen as early as perimenopause, treatment for itchy and dry skin can be somewhat simple. Dr. Tanzi recommends increasing essential fatty acids in the diet. By doing so, the body is better able to keep the skin hydrated.

Protecting the skin from the sun by wearing sunscreen or other SPF moisturizers can also help keep skin healthy. According to Andrea Cambio, MD, avoiding excessively hot showers can help to deter dry skin, because hot water can remove natural oils in the skin. Gentler soaps that do not contain harsh chemicals, fragrances or deodorants should be used. Finally, remembering to moisturize, especially after showering, can prevent dry, itchy skin. Moisturizers with petroleum jelly or mineral oil can help to trap moisture into the skin.

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