What Are Some Remedies for a Hoarse Voice?


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Patients with hoarse throats should keep their throats hydrated, rest their voices and use lozenges, according to Healthline. Skipping decongestants and smoking can also help.

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What Are Some Remedies for a Hoarse Voice?
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To provide hydration, hoarse-throat sufferers should use humidifiers to moisten the air, though a steamy shower is also effective. The patient should drink plenty of liquids to help keep the throat moist and reduce irritation, though beverages with caffeine and alcohol can cause more harm than good, states Healthline.

Patients should avoid talking, but use their normal voices when they do; whispering does not help and causes more stress for the vocal cords than talking normally. Throat-soothing lozenges and chewing gum signal the mouth to produce more saliva, which moistens the throat, states Healthline.

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