What Are Some Remedies for Eye Twitching?


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WebMD recommends several remedies for the eye twitching condition known as blepharospasm. Treatment options include Botox injections, medications such as clonazepam and lorazepam, and natural treatments such as biofeedback. Patients diagnosed with benign essential blepharospasm may opt for a surgical procedure called a myectomy. Surgery removes a portion of the muscles and nerves from the eyelid.

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No cure for blepharospasm is known, as of October 2014, but doctors successfully treat persistent eye twitching by injecting small amounts of Botox in the eyelid. Botox injections alleviate the spasms for several months but eventually wear off. For mild cases, a doctor may prescribe medication for short-term relief. According to WebMD, medication is helpful in only a small percentage of cases. Another surgical procedure is available for people diagnosed with hemifacial spasm. In these cases, doctors operate to relive artery pressure on the facial nerve.

Some people with blepharospasm turn to alternative remedies. In addition to biofeedback, alternative remedy options include acupuncture, hypnosis, nutrition therapy and chiropractic treatment. The benefits of alternative treatments for eye twitching have not been scientifically proven.

Most incidents of minor eye twitching disappear without the need for treatment remedies. Twitching tends to go away after getting more rest and eliminating or reducing alcohol, caffeine and tobacco.

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