What Are Some Remedies for Excessive Coughing at Night?


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Good remedies for nighttime coughing include drinking noncaffeinated herbal tea with honey before sleeping, elevating the body with pillows, maintaining 40 to 50 percent humidity levels in the bedroom, and keeping cough relief essentials at bedside, including water and cough medication, according to WebMD. Changing bed sheets regularly to remove dust mites is also essential.

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Drinking warm liquid relieves cough by loosening phlegm in the airways, while sleeping in an elevated position prevents throat irritation resulting from the accumulation of postnasal drainage and mucus when lying down at night, notes WebMD. Individuals with acid reflux may try placing up to 4 inches of wooden blocks below the top of the bed to prevent acids from rising into the throat.

A hygrometer is a useful device for measuring humidity levels in a room, states WebMD. Rooms with too little or too much moisture can worsen coughing. Because dust mites often cause an allergic reaction and lead to coughing, it's important to eliminate the mites by washing bedding in hot water.

An expectorant helps break down phlegm, while a cough suppressant helps reduce bouts of coughing, according to WebMD. If a nighttime cough persists for more than seven days, a person should consult a doctor to diagnose the cause of the cough and receive appropriate treatment.

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