What Remedies Are Effective for Dry Nasal Passages?


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Drinking plenty of water, taking warm showers, using a vaporizer or using of an over-the-counter saline spray helps to keep nasal passages moist, advises WebMD. Taking steps to keep nasal and sinus passages moist helps to prevent pressure and congestion.

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Nasal irrigation is also helpful at relieving the dryness, according to WebMD. In involves rinsing the nasal passages with a saltwater solution using a syringe, neti pot or other device. Unless using a commercially prepared irrigation solution, the user should employ distilled, sterile or boiled water for the mix. He should also clean the device after each use.

Chlorine from a swimming pool can make the issues worse, reports WebMD. While the individual may believe the moisture from the pool could moisten the passages, the chlorine is an irritant. Very dry air, like that in a dry sauna, can also increase sinus problems.

While some people use petroleum jelly to keep the nasal passages moist, prolonged use can cause lung problems, warns Mayo Clinic. Although the lubricant normally drains down the throat through the stomach, it can enter the lungs and build up over time. The resulting accumulations in the lungs can cause a serious inflammation known as lipid pneumonia.

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