What Are Some Remedies for a Dry, Hoarse Voice?


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Remedies for mild hoarseness include quitting smoking, drinking plenty of liquids, humidifying the home and resting the voice, states ENT Carolina. Another option is to avoid alcohol, spicy foods and dehydrating agents such as caffeine.

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The most effective remedies for hoarseness depend on the underlying cause, states MedicineNet. Although acute laryngitis resulting from an upper respiratory infection normally heals on its own, humidifying the home and using cough suppressants can provide relief. If vocal misuse or overuse is the underlying cause, rest the voice to avoid further irritation. If allergies or GERD are causing hoarseness, medications for these issues can relieve symptoms. Surgery may be necessary in cases of vocal cord trauma, benign nodules or cancer.

To prevent future cases of hoarseness, quit smoking and avoid secondhand smoke, and try not to use a loud voice or use your voice too often, recommends the American Academy of Otolaryngology — Head and Neck Surgery. If you need to project your voice, use a microphone whenever possible to avoid having to yell. Avoid singing and speaking whenever your voice becomes hoarse. For long-term voice disorders, consider professional voice training by a voice therapist trained to help patients modify speaking behaviors, improving sound while resolving vocal problems.

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