What Are Some Remedies for Corns Between Toes?


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Remedies for corns between the toes include wearing shoes with wide toe compartments to minimize pressure and rubbing the corns with pumice stones to reduce their size, explains WebMD. Prior to applying the pumice stone, it is important to soak the toes in warm water to soften the skin.

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Medical treatments for corns between the toes include trimming down the affected areas and applying corn pads, explains PodiatryNetwork.com. The condition can also be treated through surgical removal of the toe bones beneath the corns. Corns that develop between the toes should not be treated with store-bought corn removers, as these treatments can irritate the skin and increase the risk of infection.

Individuals who suffer from soft corns may find relief by applying petroleum jelly to their toes prior to walking, as this helps to minimize friction, explains HowStuffWorks. Additional home remedies include separating the toes with soft cotton balls or soaking the feet in warm water with Epsom salts.

Individuals with diabetes or medical conditions that hinder blood circulation should consult with a physician prior to treating soft corns at home, as certain home treatments can cause ulcerations of the skin, explains Mayo Clinic. Symptoms of corns include hard bumps on the toes and pain beneath the skin. Corns may also cause pain when pressed.

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