What Are Remedies for Constipation?


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Frequent exercise; consumption of laxatives and more fiber; and drinking liquids may aid in relieving constipation, explains Beth W. Orenstein for Everyday Health. The use of over-the-counter drugs and letting stool pass naturally may also aid in reducing symptoms of this problem. A person with severe bowel irregularity should consult a doctor.

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What Are Remedies for Constipation?
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Fiber aids in softening and adding bulk to stools, thus making elimination easier, explains Orenstein. A patient can get fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains or supplements. To avoid gas and bloating, consume fiber along with plenty of water.

Hydrated stools are soft and easier to eliminate, so a person with this problem should drink enough liquids, which trigger the flow of fluid to the colon and increase the bulkiness of stool, states Orenstein. Patients should cut down on dehydrating liquids, including alcoholic and caffeinated drinks such as coffee.

Frequent exercise may help the body systems to function properly, resulting in an increase in healthy bowel frequency, advises Orenstein. Laxatives may soften or add bulk to stool or trigger the system to aid in bowel regularity. Laxatives, which are salts and sugars, may be osmotic in nature, thus triggering the flow of water into the colon and stimulating the evacuation of bowels. Zero-sugar gums or mints contain sorbitol, a natural laxative.

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