What Are Some Remedies for Colic?

Treatments for colic include eliminating caffeine and milk from a breastfeeding mother's diet, switching a baby from cow's milk to soy milk, burping a baby often to limit air intake and holding a baby upright after feedings to avoid spitting up, notes WebMD. Breastfeeding mothers can also add herbal supplements to their diets and avoid eating vegetables that cause gas.

According to WebMD, pediatricians usually recommend that a mother tries one treatment at a time for a few days before moving to the next in order to remain clear about what works. Babies may also benefit from taking warm baths, being swaddled, taking a ride in a car, sucking on a pacifier or relaxing in an infant swing. In more serious cases, a baby may require the use of anti-reflux medications, anti-gas drops or homeopathic drops with probiotics. It is important for parents to gain the approval of a pediatrician before attempting to use any of these treatments, regardless of how harmless they may seem.

As WebMD explains, colic eventually improves on its own, and some parents may have little hope except to remain patient and wait for the symptoms to pass. There are no treatments available that are guaranteed to work, and symptoms usually dissipate when babies reach 4 months of age.