What Are Some Remedies for Chronic Cough?


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Some remedies for a chronic cough include avoiding allergens, making lifestyle changes to reduce acid reflux, and quitting smoking, states Mayo Clinic. Some ways to reduce acid reflux include waiting three to four hours after eating a meal to lie down, elevating the head during sleep, and eating smaller meals.

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What Are Some Remedies for Chronic Cough?
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To treat a chronic cough effectively, it is important to figure out what is causing it, notes Mayo Clinic. Some people who take ACE inhibitor medications may be able to reduce a chronic cough by switching to an angiotensin-receptor blocker. A doctor may recommend decongestants and antihistamines to treat a chronic cough.

For chronic coughs related to asthma, a doctor may recommend an inhaled medication, which widens the airways and reduces inflammation, according to Mayo Clinic. Antibiotics may be an ideal treatment for chronic coughs related to bacterial infections. If lifestyle changes are not effective in cases of acid reflux, a doctor may recommend acid blockers.

If the doctor cannot determine the cause of a chronic cough, he may prescribe cough suppressants, notes Mayo Clinic. Drinking warm water mixed with honey can help to loosen the sputum that may be causing the chronic cough. Children should not take medications for a chronic cough unless specifically directed by a medical professional.

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