What Are Some Remedies for a Burning Sensation in the Feet?


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Treatment for burning feet depends on the underlying cause. For patients with neuropathy experiencing burning feet, doctors aim to stop existing nerve damage, reports WebMD. Treatment of the symptom in patients with diabetic neuropathy involves maintaining normal glucose levels through a healthy diet, medication intake and insulin injections. Other treatments include addressing vitamin deficiency, avoiding alcohol consumption and undergoing dialysis.

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Doctors suggest oral intake or injections of vitamin B-12 if vitamin deficiency is causing burning feet, explains WebMD. In alcoholic individuals, it's important to avoid alcohol to prevent further nerve damage and promote proper healing of the nerves. Alcoholism and diabetes are typical causes of leg neuropathy, which also involves tingling and numb feet.

Patients with chronic kidney disease may undergo dialysis to get rid of toxins that trigger neuropathy and burning feet, according to WebMD. In patients with hypothyroidism, doctors recommend oral synthetic thyroid hormone to normalize low thyroid levels and reverse neuropathy.

To treat the pain sensations resulting from neuropathy, physicians prescribe medications such as gabapentin, amitriptyline and desipramine, states WebMD. Prescription and over-the-counter pain relievers also help reduce burning feet pain. Antifungal medications treat fungal infection in people with athlete's foot suffering burning feet. Other possible causes of burning feet include Lyme disease, the human immunodeficiency virus, amyloid polyneuropathy and chemotherapy drugs.

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