What Remedies Are Available for Intestinal Flu?


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A virus causes intestinal flu, and there is no cure for the illness; however, patients can often manage symptoms with adequate rest and prescription medications, such as promethazine, to relieve vomiting and queasiness, explains Healthline. Small servings of bananas and applesauce may also ease diarrhea.

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In most cases, intestinal flu, also referred to as gastroenteritis, resolves on its own within 10 days, explains WebMD. It is important for individuals with gastroenteritis to increase fluid intake while recovering to prevent dehydration caused by vomiting and diarrhea. Individuals should avoid milk and acidic juices, as these beverages may exacerbate symptoms.

It is important for individuals infected with gastroenteritis to seek medical attention if vomiting persists for more than 48 hours or if vomit contains blood, explains Mayo Clinic. Additional symptoms that may indicate a medical emergency include bloody stools, high fever and the inability to hold down fluids for 24 hours. Sufferers should also consult with a physician if they experience symptoms of dehydration, such as dark yellow urine, decreased urination, dry mouth and vertigo.

Gastroenteritis commonly spreads by sharing eating utensils with someone who is infected or by ingesting contaminated water or food. The virus can also spread via close contact with infected individuals, adds Mayo Clinic.

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