What Are Some Remedies for Alcohol Poisoning?


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Remedies for alcohol poisoning include careful monitoring by a doctor, preventing choking, oxygen therapy, fluids and the use of vitamins, according to Mayo Clinic. Alcohol poisoning is a very serious condition, and treatment must occur in a medical facility.

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Signs and symptoms of alcohol poisoning include confusion, seizures, vomiting, slow breathing, and blue or pale skin, explains Mayo Clinic. Low body temperature and unconsciousness may also occur when suffering from alcohol poisoning. A person does not necessarily show all of these symptoms if suffering from alcohol poisoning, and if someone suspects a person is suffering from alcohol poisoning, it is best to contact emergency services.

If someone is experiencing alcohol poisoning, an individual must call 911 and not assume that the person can sleep it off, urges Mayo Clinic. The dispatcher or doctor may ask for information, such as the type of alcohol the person drank and how long ago the person last drank alcohol. The person must not remain alone, and if vomiting, someone must assist the afflicted to avoid choking. If possible, it is also a good idea to keep the person awake, as unconsciousness may also cause choking. Contacting emergency services when alcohol poisoning occurs may save that person's life.

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