How Do You Reline Your Dentures at Home?

Prior to using a home denture relining kit, soak the denture in hot water for a minute to soften and loosen the old material that rests on the gums. Clean the denture, apply a hard or soft resin to reline it, create an impression of the teeth and check the fit of the denture, according to Medic8.

Choose between a hard or soft resin to reline dentures. A soft resin is slightly flexible and absorbs pressure while chewing. Soft resins are easier to adapt to but need to be replaced every few months. A hard resin is not as flexible but lasts longer and is better for long-term use, according to Medic8. Clear away old resin before relining dentures to get the new resin to stick.

Apply the resin inside the denture, wear the denture and bite down gently to set it in the correct position. Apply the resin on one denture at a time, but wear both dentures while relining to get a good bite when setting them. Hold the position and slowly increase the pressure. While relining lower dentures, swallow a couple of times to push away excess material from under the tongue, notes Dental Health Advice. Allow the resin to dry and cut away any excess.